Your child learns and develops
alongside the AI.

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Interactive Learning

Small robots
with big capabilities.

Dino University

SmartLife Robotics

We bring future to people and businesses
through advanced AI-powered social robots.

Human-Robot Interactions

Digital Revolution has brought us new opportunities and challenges.

We now rely on technologies in almost every aspect of our lives. In SmartLife Robotics we aspire to make you enjoy these daily interactions. That's why we design Robot Toys solutions to help people build healthy and trustful relationships with robots.

Our robot will make you experience human-robot interactions in a new authentic way.

We Build New Generation Robots For the AI Future.

Robots in Education

Robots create an environment for the curiosity that is a vital part of a child’s development and growth.

They employ many imaginative thinking activities, such as storytelling, association games, musical and artistic creations, and many others.

We believe that by growing up with an intelligent toy, a child becomes more inquisitive and passionate about their education.

Artificial intelligence & Robotics

Our civilization is a product of human intelligence in cooperation with heavy machinery and smart computers.
By teaching kids to operate and develop together with robots and AI we increase the potential of our civilization to flourish like never before.





Interdisciplinary Expertise

We combine our experience in robotics & AI with knowledge of cognitive psychology to design robots that provide natural interactions.

Additionally, we conduct interdisciplinary research with educational institutions to ensure the quality and significance of our work.

Our robots are programmed with the assistance of psychologusts and industry leaders to ensure the most outstanding results.

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