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Bringing New Generation Robotic projects to Life.

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SmartLife Robotics

We are building socially intelligent and truly interactive robots of the new generation.

We research human-robot interactions and their impact on the synergy of the natural and technological environment in modern society.

Our solutions are the new generation robots that adapt to users’ needs and preferences and establish a safe, stable and smart environment for growth.

Our Capatibilies

Our team of skilful engineers will help you bring your robotic project ideas to life.


We are designing robots from 3D concept design, feasibility study, mechanical design to engineering design and CAM process.

Concept Design
Mechanical & Engineering Design
CAM Design


With skills in electronics, embedded software and mechatronics, we are able to handle the entire development of a product from design to production.

Circuit schematic design
Design and prototype PCB
Testing and Assembly
Actuators: BLDC, DC, Steppers, Servos

Platforms: STM32f*, ARM-Cortex, ESP32, MIPS32


We are building and assembling prototypes using various additive and subtractive manufacturing techniques and multiple materials - PLA, ABS, polycarbonate, aluminium, etc.

CNC machining
3D printing: FDM, SLA
Mechatronics, Motors, Gears, Bearings


Our team is developing low-level embedded software for microcontrollers, DSP or FPGA systems. With hardware-oriented expertise, we design reliable and efficient systems.

Embedded Linux
C/C++, Python, C#

Artificial Intelligence

We specialize in designing, training and evaluating algorithms for visual processing, object detection, speech recognition and synthesis, spatial awareness, complex control algorithms. We bring them to production.

OpenCV, OpenVX
AI Accelerators (NCS, Jetson)


We are building socially intelligent and highly interactive robots for use in a wide spectrum of fields.

KODI Robot Toy

Dino University

How can we help you?

We are open for new projects and partners to cooperate with. Feel free to share your idea with us and we will help you accomplish your robotic aspirations.

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Our Project Diary

Here we share our current and last projects with our customers and partners, so you can see our kitchen and share the early excitement.

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Smartlife Robotics is looking for partners to work together on future projects. Feel free to leave you ideas on how we can make the world better and smarter.

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