AI-powered robot for children
to play, educate and care.

Learn with Kodi Robot Toy

Revolutionize Your child’s playtime and home education through the first truly responsive robot-child interactions.



Kodi is an intelligent and mindful robot. His AI allows him to be socially active, so he easily finds friends among humans.

He can be a good companion, but he is also a great teacher. He will help a child acquire new skills in a new, fun and interactive way.

Kodi teaches the alphabet, writing, spelling, rhymes, basic math, music, physical exercises and foreign languages.

He will also foster responsibility and good manners.

But don't worry, nobody will feel bored with Kodi, because he's' just such a cheerful guy!

Kodi can be accommodated at home, but also in pre-school and other educational institutions. Hurry up to book yours!


Kodi-W has a very active and curious personality.

Kodi-W’s wheels allow him to move in space and explore the world around him. He will be happy to follow you to a new adventure.

He inherited his AI from his brother, so he will be able to entertain you and help you learn new skills.

Kodi-W is an excellent companion for active and energetic kids.




& Connection

One Of A Kind

Kodi is truly unique.

He is the first robot toy tailored to recognise a child’s talents and adapt his behaviour accordingly.

When you learn with Kodi he will record your progress and remember where to start from.

Kodi will help a child feel special, needed and heard.

He will build a trustful relationship with a child and share with him all the happy and difficult moments of the learning process.

Kodi is one of a kind robot friend!

Drives. Runs. Moves.

Have you met Kodi-W?

Kodi-W is always on the go. He was not born to fly, but he drives everywhere on his wheels.

Due to Kodi-W’s mobile nature, he opens new opportunities for playing and learning with a robot toy.

Kodi-W is interactive now more than ever!

Don’t miss out the opportunity to meet him.

KODI is powered by:

High-resolution camera

The camera helps Kodi recognise a child in the space, see what is happening around him. He can also take pictures of you if you tell him, so all your precious shared memories are saved.

Two hight-quality speakers

Kodi maintains a natural conversation with his soft and pleasant voice, tells stories and plays a child's favourite music. Kodi's speakers provide an immersive sound experience that stimulates a child's auditory system.

Two sensitive microphones

Kodi's microphones are powerful enough to that can hear your voice from distance. Kodi has an advanced speech recognition algorithm, so you will easily find common ground with him.

Context recognition

Kodi understands the context and when people are talking to him. He is a good listener and knows when you need his support.

Internal memory

Kodi's built-in memory that helps him keep track of the child’s progress. When you learn with Kodi, you can always start just where you left off. Kodi will help you to develop your skills gradually and efficiently.

Rotating body

Kodo's got his moves. Kodi's body is spinning reflecting a person's movements and imitating a dance.

Face screen

Kodi's face is rich facial expressions. His screen that allows him to keep eye contact and show emotions making him very sociable.


Kodi is not just a robot friend. Kodi is a part of the community of robots that operate in the home environment becoming close to their families.
Kodi wants to help ordinary people with extraordinary open minds.

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