"You don't understand anything until you learn it more than one way."

Marvin Minsky

Research in SmartLife Robotics

There is a connection between studying a human-technology interaction and cognitive psychology that allows us to conduct interdisciplinary research when developing our products.

While using technology one applies many different skills such as perception, attention, memory, information processing, decision making and many more.

However, the ways adults and children use technologies differ significantly.

While grown-ups may apply them to perform various tasks, children get influenced by any interaction with technology acquiring new sets of skills. The effects of such interactions may in future define child’s adaptivity and development.

There are also risks for young kids to be deprived of other important activities in favour of using multiple devices.

That is why in SmartLife Robotics we pay a lot of attention to the nature of children-robot relationships and their influence on their cognitive development apply it to our creations.

Research Areas

AI & Robotics

Cognitive development




  • CZIiTT is Centre for Innovation and Technology Transfer Management of Warsaw University of Technology, the most important centre in the Mazovia region which supports technology transfer and innovations management, and conducts innovative research projects in these areas.

  • Center For Innovation at SWPS University is a place where representatives of the business community, local government and NGOs can meet with scientists and students to work on common projects. It is a place, where science meets practical and effective implementation.



Kodi is an advanced AI-powered robot toy.

Kodi can find a child in space, hear him from a far distance and maintain a conversation in a natural voice.
His body is rotating following the person speaking and can imitate a dance.

Kodi-W is a mobile robot toy that understands a space around him. He can move around and explore new areas following a child.

Kodi has internal memory to record a child's progress and preferences.

Kodi is off-cloud and does not transfer sensitive information to external sources, which makes him one of the safest and most secure robots on the market.

Kodi W

Kodi-W is a mobile robot toy that understands a space around him. He can move around and explore new areas following a child.

Kodi-W also has a built-in AI, which allows him to be a child’s active companion.

Kodi-W has facial and voice recognition, moving wheels, speakers to hear you and microphones to share some fun facts.

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