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Kodi Dino

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Robot Toys is a family of smart robots that focuses on early child's cognitive development.

Robot Toys will teach your child to be even smarter, more inquisitive and creative.

Among other skills, while interacting with Robot Toys a child learns an important pattern of the synergy of the natural and technological environment in contemporary society.

Invest in Future Now - Yours, Robot Toys.

Meet Dino from Dino University - a dinosaur guide and a teacher.

He helps children from one to five years of age to learn about extraordinary lands full of sounds, colours and new words.

Together with the first of the series, the funny dino mat will take us back to the times when there was only one continent left. Travelling Pangea, the child will learn to count in English up to ten, learn the names of animals and nature around us, as well as the first, basic verbs.

Kodi is a socially intelligent robot toy.

He’s powered with an advanced AI that allows him to build relationships with humans, understand the context and analyse the environment around him.

Kodi creates an environment for the curiosity and thirst for knowledge in your child.

Check what Kodi can teach your child.

A young brother of Kodi is Kodi on Wheels.

Kodi-W is a mobile robot toy that understands a space around him. He can move around and explore new areas following a child. You can release your imagination and travel with Kodi-W anywhere you want.

Kodi-W is powered by AI and makes a friendly active companion to a child.

Kodi-W’ literally has a heart. If you take him home he will share his love with you.