The Forthcoming Innovations | Presenting HumanTech Center at Masters & Robots and Coins Conferences

We are so happy to be living in Poland - a Silicon Valley of Europe when it comes to fast-growing innovations and their rapid implementation. You don’t believe it? Let us prove you so.

Last week at SmartLife Robotics was very busy and full of new acquaintances and inspiring meetings. And all of this thanks to Masters & Robots conference organised by Digital University.

It was already the 3rd edition of the Masters & Robots conference, which from year to year attracts more and more people interested in new technologies and the digital transformation of both business and our everyday life. 


SmartLife team joined truly inspiring leaders of tomorrow, such as Diego Soroa from Singularity University, David Hanson from Hanson Robotics, Dr Divya Chander a neuroscientist at Stanford University and many more industry leaders, innovators, scientists,  robotics enthusiasts and global level entrepreneurs.

The whole conference lasted 3 days and included lectures, discussion panels and workshops conducted by specialists in the area of ‚Äč‚ÄčExponential Technologies, AI, Robotics, Quantum Computing, Smart Cities, Digital Disruption & Innovation, FinTech, Future of Work, Future of Retail & Store Automation, Leadership & Organizations of the Future, as well as Big Data and Future of Transportation.



We heard a lot of exuberant stories and we had a chance to share ours!

Pawel Zarzycki, CEO of SmartLife Robotics and Konrad Maj, a head of Innovation Center of the University of Social Sciences and Humanities, united to create a HumanTech Center under the patronage of SWPS University. The HumanTech Center is a center for research that will be dealing with both social and technological innovation. This is one of a kind institution that specialises on the multidisciplinary collaboration in the areas of human-robot and human-AI interaction.



The Human-Tech Center plans multiple transdisciplinary research at the convergence of psychology, AI & robotics and business & community interests. Among others there will be the study of effectiveness of a robot agent in educating young children, in particular, teaching them English, programming and STEAM skills, which will be conducted with SmartLife’s advanced creation - robot KODI.



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Humantech Center - Humantech Center For Social And Technological Innovation

Masters & Robots is an annual meetup designed to inspire, educate, provoke questions and provide answers.