What is Venture Cafe and how its Thursday Gatherings can change the way we innovate? Meet Dino University at the #demotable

We want to share with you a great initiative we recently became a part of. We would like to talk about Venture Cafe Warsaw, which among other programs organises recurring Thursday Gatherings, each of which is dedicated to a new socially and economically relevant topic. 

Late November SmartLife Robotics team joined the 7th edition of Venture Café Warsaw Thursday Gatherings to present Dino University project and discuss the future of Science and Education.


Photo by Arvind Juneja at HubHub Warsaw

Venture Café, the History

The history Venture Café began in 2009 in Boston, Massachusetts. Initially created as an experiment by Cambridge Innovation Center (CIC), Venture Café gained great success at bringing together innovators and entrepreneurs to breed new innovations together. 

The original name an idea is based on the book Venture Café by Teresa Esser.


Photo by Arvind Juneja at HubHub Warsaw

Venture Café, Global Expansion

Since its creation, a few other Venture Cafés opened in cities across the Midwest, South, and Northeastern regions of the United States. Besides that, Venture Café expanded internationally to host events in Tokyo Japan, Rotterdam, The Netherlands, and Sydney, Australia.


Photo by Arvind Juneja at HubHub Warsaw

Venture Café in Warsaw, Poland

In May 2019 Venture Café Warsaw, which has been developing since March 2018, officially joined the network. Venture Café Warsaw is the key partner of the CIC’s Innovation Campus that will soon be located in the tallest office tower in European Union - Varso Place.


Photo by Arvind Juneja at HubHub Warsaw

Venture Café Warsaw Thursday Gatherings

Since its opening in Venture Café Warsaw has held Thursday Gatherings once a month. Up to today, there have been 7 meetings dedicated to discussing global culture, science, sustainability, smart cities and many other important topics. 


Photo by Arvind Juneja at HubHub Warsaw

Venture Café Warsaw Thursday Gathering #7 Science & Education

The #7th edition of Thursday Gathering that SmartLife Robotics team was pleased to join was focused on science, technology and education. The event took place at the equally innovative place - the HubHub Warsaw.

There were roundtable debates, fireside talks, workshops, office hours with experienced entrepreneurs, investors, and professionals, info table and of course #demotable that presented many innovative solutions, among others Photon, Skriware and your beloved Dino University. 


Photo by Arvind Juneja at HubHub Warsaw

The SmartLife Robotics team was also accompanied by our good friend robot Pepper powered by SoftBank Robotics.

We met many potential partners and customers, made new friends, had some good drinks and generally enjoyed the organisation and the endless opportunities created by the event.

Our overall impression and experience of Venture Cafe Thursday Gathering were absolutely above and beyond our expectations and we with pleasure recommend every innovator in Warsaw, Poland to join!


Photo by Arvind Juneja at HubHub Warsaw

Venture Café Warsaw Thursday Gathering - Join Today

Venture Cafe Thursday Gathering is an inclusive and diverse community of people passionate about their ideas and activities that come together to share, inspire and innovate. Join today If you:

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Smartlife Robotics - is a startup that builds AI-powered socially intelligent interactive robots for use in a wide spectrum of fields.

Venture Cafe Warsaw - is a nonprofit organization that seeks to grow Warsaw’s innovation community by working to make it more diverse, inclusive, accessible, and better connected locally, nationally, and globally.