#3 Technology Review (Przegląd technologiczny)

On December 11, 2019, Capital City of Warsaw organized the 3rd Technological Review (Przegląd technologiczny) ZODIAK Warsaw Architecture Pavilion. The theme of the event was technologically innovative solutions for EDUCATION.

SmartLife Robotics CEO Paweł Zarzycki presented our solution Dino University to the industry and local government representatives.



"Technological reviews" are are a series of meetings creating an opportunity for a dialogue between the innovative entities and local government. The meeting gives a chance to share knowledge and present the innovative technological ideas to representatives of the City of Warsaw and discuss the perspectives of their application in the city space.

The target participants are representatives of business environment institutions, organizations, corporations and startups.


The photo is retrieved from https://firma.um.warszawa.pl/

The third Technology Review meeting was dedicated to the most innovative projects linking technologies and education.

SmartLife Robotics presented our Dino University robots as the great teaching tools for teachers and parents to help the smallest members of our society learn English and boost creative and critical thinking. Besides the presentation, the participants of the Technological review were able to try Dino University toys on their own thanks to the display table.


The photo is retrieved from https://firma.um.warszawa.pl/

The meeting helped us to make valuable contacts and establish relationships with representatives of schools and pre-schools and discuss the opportunities for implementation of our solution in the educational institutions.

We are very grateful to the Capital City of Warsaw (m.st. Warszawa), Bureau of Education (Biuro Edukacji) and Warsaw Booster for the opportunity to participate in this event. We are looking forward to further cooperation.


Technological Review (Przegląd technologiczny)

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