How to be a Startup in 2019. Start-Up Program from SAR

We had quite a journey in the past few months. SmartLife Robotics and our robot toy KODI have been selected to be among TOP 10 startups to participate in a new edition of StartUp program by SAR Marketing Communication Association. The project is dedicated to startups that give value to the broadly understood marketing industry.

StartUp Program comprised of three elements:

  • Training from the most successful startup founders, marketing gurus and investment advisors
  • A month of a mentoring program with best industry professionals
  • Presenting our ideas at Innovation Forum 2019

We were very inspired by the participants who shared a room with us, as well as had a chance to explain our idea and define a new strategy of bringing our robot toys to the market.


We look very focused listening to a training for start-ups at SAR

Fot. Stowarzyszenie Komunikacji Marketingowej SAR/ Faktografia Adam Strumidło

So, what's so cool about it?

We were very pleased to share our perspective on the direction where social and educational robots are moving.

We presented KODI - our intelligent robot or kids that teaches them many useful skills like reading, writing, spelling, rhymes, basic math, music, physical exercises and foreign languages. KODI is a friendly and mindful robot. His AI allows him to be socially active, so he easily finds friends among humans. Kodi is a fun child's comrade that can be accommodated at home, but also in pre-school and other educational institutions.

We also showed our newest prototype of KODI - a robot on wheels, which allow him to move in space and explore the world around him.

Overall, KODI received positive feedback and raised interesting conversations among parents, especially mothers, about technology, security and child's development.


Paweł Zarzycki, CEO of SmartLife Robotics, is presenting the idea of social robots and our project KODI Robot Toy to the StartUp Program jury

Fot. Stowarzyszenie Komunikacji Marketingowej SAR/ Faktografia Adam Strumidło

The culmination of the program was the Innovation 2019 conference. We had a chance to meet potential customers, investors and partners.


Innovation 2019 Conference. Robot Toys meet their potential families

Fot. Stowarzyszenie Komunikacji Marketingowej SAR/ Faktografia Adam Strumidło

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