If you don’t know - Ask. If you know - Ask twice! Dino University Demo Day

A few weeks ago we started a series of product demos for our new exciting project for kids called Dino University.

We invited parents and kids to our Warsaw-based office to get acquainted with the Dino University toys and try out the interactive language learning experience on the mats. 

We wanted to collect feedback and gain a few project supporters, but what we achieved was so much more. In the casual unconstrained atmosphere, we had a chance to see kids' reactions to the toys, the new ways they were playing with it, as well as the ways we can improve the experience. Luckily for us, parents were also very open and willing to share their feedback and general practices with other toys.

We plan to organise more of these kinds of events where we can meet parents and kids to discuss and design the future of Dino University toys together.

Kids are playing with Dino University for the first time

About Dino University

Dino University is a family of educational robot toys (Dino, Raptor or Spaceman) and supporting artefacts (mats, stickers and cards) for children from 2 to 4 years old that teach kids English in an interactive way through playing.

Thanks to the toy’s interaction with artefacts, a child is able to learn the English language as well as broaden general knowledge about the world. 

Our toy's task is to support a child in the development of language, independent learning and to stimulate multiple sensors by providing many interesting audio, sensory and visual-musical impressions.


Dino University toys (from left to right: Spaceman, Raptor, Dino) and the Island mat

How we are developing Dino University

Dino University has been created in close cooperation with parents, child psychologist and cognitive researchers. 

By combining our skills in smart technologies & AI with knowledge of early kids’ development we designed and prototyped a toy that is not only fun and responsive but also highly stimulating and educational.

What is the current state of Dino University project

Dino University is now going through a series of tests and iterations to better suit children’s and parents’ needs. 

Based on received comments and suggestions we are adjusting the content to better perform the goals of language acquisition, cognitive development and fun interactive experience at the same time.

Dino University toys (Spaceman, on the back - Raptor) on the Computers mat

What is next

Smartlife Robotics will continue developing and perfecting Dino University’s educational materials and technology to achieve the best fit. We believe that by asking questions and answering the challenging quests we can change the way kids cooperate with technologies for better.

In parallel, we are now in the process of negotiation with producers and expect Dino University to appear on the market in the near future.


SmartLife Robotics is a startup that builds AI-powered robots and toys that boost children’s cognitive development in a wide spectrum of capabilities, https://smartlife.global