Dino University Technology became Arrow Certified


We are so proud!

Arrow Electronics, the biggest electronics vendor in the world, has recognised Dino University, a smart toy for teaching English to kids, with "Certified Technology".

How cool is that?

"Arrow Certified Technology" means that our project has been evaluated by Arrow and proved feasible for manufacturing. The Certification also gives us exclusive access to Arrow’s tech and marketing team and will help us significantly improve the quality of our products.



What is this miraculous technology?

Dino University by SmartLife Robotics is a family of educational robot toys and supporting artefacts (mats, cards, stickers) that transforms English learning for toddlers from 2 to 4 years into an interactive adventure.



In close cooperation with parents, as well as by combining our skills in smart technologies & AI with knowledge of early kids’ cognitive development we created a toy that is not only fun and responsive but also highly stimulating and educational.

What awaits us now?

Completing the “Arrow Certification” was another step in the direction of producing and releasing our Dino University and the other SmatLife robot toys in the near future!


For more info visit Dino University page.


Arrow Electronics is an American Fortune 500 company that specializes in the distribution and value-added services relating to electronic components and computer products.

The Arrow Certification Program is a partnership between Arrow and Indiegogo that gives entrepreneurs the necessary tools and services to bring their product ideas to life. 

SmartLife Robotics is a startup that builds AI-powered socially intelligent interactive robots for use in a wide spectrum of fields.