SmartLife Robotics is in WARSAW booster’19

SmartLife Robotics has begun another adventure! We’ve been selected to WARSAW booster’19 acceleration program! 

We are excited about this new opportunity and look forward to taking another challenge!


What’s it all about?

The WARSAW booster'19 is the acceleration program hosted in the center of Polish economic development - the capital city of Warsaw. The program is aimed to bring together the tech startups, city authorities and Warsaw-based enterprises for future cooperation and the fostering of innovation.

During the program, the companies will prepare relevant business value propositions for enterprises or a city of Warsaw. The 3 best participants will receive special recognition and the opportunity of international expansion.

Why do we find it so exciting?

For SmartLife Robotics it is a great opportunity to contribute to the city we operate in, as well as to make new meaningful connections, take advice from the industry experts and spread our ideas further. 


The first kick-off meeting is already behind us

What’s next?

The agenda of upcoming WARSAW booster’19 includes:

  • 12 weeks acceleration program
  • International conferences participation
  • Mentorship
  • Trainings
  • VC funds access
  • Boost to a global market

SmartLife will be reporting on the further course of the events.


For more info visit:

Warsaw booster’19

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