Dino University

Little robot toys to teach your child English

Dino University transforms English learning into an interactive adventure.

Dino University helps a child to prepare for English language acquisition from the firth years of his life!

  • Dino University toy
  • 10 cards
  • Night sticker & Meal sticker
  • Interactive MAT: Mystery Island
  • 1000+ songs, stories & new words

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Meet the heroes

Who are Dino University Interactive Toys?

Dino University toys are a family of highly interactive little robots.

These little robots interact with a child through voice, vibration, colourful glowing and react to a child's actions, such as shaking, hitting, turning a toy upside-down and putting it aside.

3 toys to choose from - 3 stories. Each little robot has its own unique look and character.


Albert like Albert Einstein

He is a little genius living next door.


Niki like Nikola Tesla & Nicolaus Copernicus

She is adventurous and gorgeous.


Leon like Leonardo Da Vinci and “Elon” Musk.

He’s a passionate explorer.

Explore learning possibilities

What are the Dino University Interactive Accessories?

Dino University comes with interactive accessories, such as the interactive mat, cards and stickers, which are used for playing and learning English.

The little robots will react to an accessory if you put a toy on the top of it. The toy will light up in a corresponding colour, name an object depicted or engage you into a guessing game.


Choose your learning mode and start an interactive adventure.

The mat teaches a child English alphabet, numbers, colours, and words. You can also play music, listen to a story or turn on a "sleepy" mode.

Play, Learn & Enjoy off-screen.


Learn English by interacting with cards.

Put a toy on a card and it will teach you numbers, colours, words or a concept.

Limitless number of cards.

Endless possibilities.


Dino University stickers are a true discovery for parents as well as kids.

A Night Sticker will tell a bed-time story, sing a lullaby or just sets a white noise to help the sweet dreams come smoothly.

A Meal Sticker makes lunches disappear from a table in no time.

So many features

Dino University is designed specifically for children's development and their best experience.

Dino University teaches, entertains, provides multisensorial stimulation and never gets boring!

New adventures are coming! New accessories will be available with time.

Glowing spots & belly

Toy’s spots and belly will accompany your activity with a corresponding glowing.

A natural voice speaker

Toy’s voice is nice and soft. You can regulate the volume according to your needs.

Rich sounds & music

Dino University has a rich collection of natural sounds and pleasant music.

Long-lasting Battery

The toy can stay with you for a very long time. Charge him only a few times a week.

Facts & stories

Dino University is a true walking encyclopedia. It will share many interesting facts and stories to make the process of learning even more engaging.

Reaction to shaking & movement

Dino University can make funny sounds or stop playing music if you rattle him.


Dino University is made of high-quality resistant plastics, which is safe from external damage, small amounts of water & overheat.

Who is Dino Univerity for?

Children of 1-6 years old;

Children who are just learning to speak, already speak some or fully speak in their mother tongue;

Children who do not speak English at all or speak some;

Any child open to new experiences, experiments and generally curious little guys & girls;

Parents that want to help their child with English language acquisition.

Share with friends and parents or play individually!

Dino University's 5-factor stimulation

Dino University engages all of your child's senses to best support his development.

Language Development

Auditory Stimulation

Tactile & Sensory Stimulation

Visual Stimulation

Curiosity Stimulation